A Point & Click game about Tesla, inventors and France !

About the game

Steampunkish Paris and Nikola Tesla... ?!

MAELSTROM LEGACY : Tesla Mystery is a single-player Point & Click / Puzzle video game set in a 1940s uchronistic/anachronistic Paris.

You play as Hayao Maelström, a young Japanese scientist who goes to Paris after being invited to the Scientists Congress, organized by Nikola Tesla and many other inventors every ten years. However, during the opening speech of this congress, the lights are cut off. When they are turned back on, they notice that Tesla has disappeared.

Hayao is going to investigate, mixing puzzles and intrigue, and try to find out who is pulling the strings among the people who might have a grudge against poor Tesla!

The game is developed on RenPy, a Visual Novel engine. We’re working with a graphic designer and a composer on the game assets.

MAELSTROM LEGACY : Tesla Mystery is strongly inspired by Ace Attorney and Professor Layton, who have always been references for KARAVAJGAMES. The goal is also to pay tribute to many little-known inventors. A demo is planned for autumn 2022.

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Young Japanese newly settled in France, Hayao Maelstrom is a scientist and inventor living in the small town of Valfutaie.

He gets involved in the mysterious story of Nikola Tesla because of his insatiable curiosity to find the truth.


Hayao’s companion, Alpina is a dog who follows her master everywhere.

Of a jovial nature but also cautious, she follows him in his journey in Paris and helps him to investigate about Tesla’s kidnapping.

Nikola TESLA

Nikola Tesla is a renowned inventor and scientist, and is the president of the High Council of the Congress of Scientists.

He lives in Paris and conducts his research from his personal laboratory. Very popular with the general public and seen as a philanthropist, he has also made many competitors…


Thomas Edison is a world famous scientist and inventor.

He has also built a reputation as a money-hungry businessman, and sees Nikola Tesla as a competitor he wants to surpass.

Mysterious Woman

She is a mysterious woman that Hayao will meet during his adventure…

Does she intend to help him, or on the contrary to put obstacles in his way? Her appearance doesn’t give anything away…

Charles CROS

An inventor from the provinces, he tries his luck at the Congress of Scientists to present an invention that he hopes will revolutionize human life.

Clumsy and shy, he is nevertheless a great poet at heart and knows how to handle words well.

Charlotte Pivoine

Journalist for the “Rosie” gazette, Charlotte Pivoine is a hothead who doesn’t hesitate to use the most cunning methods to get the information she needs.

She will put herself in the worst situations to write her paper!

Mary Aldegarde

Police Inspector Mary Aldegarde is an outstanding investigator who works with her squad to put thugs behind bars.

Incorruptible, she makes no distinction and gives a good beating to those who try to corrupt her!


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